How Jason Brubaker Makes Comics

Here's a cool video on Jason Brubaker's process in making comics. Enjoy!

Find out more about Jason Brubaker by visiting his website.


Webinars: Drawing Digital Comics For Beginners

I've been so busy with photography that drawing has taken a back seat. But I came across this awesome 3-part webinar on drawing digital comics from Smith Micro's contentparadise channel on Youtube. I don't own Manga Studio but a lot can be learned on the process. Enjoy!

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3


DW-WP Chapter 1: Extra Credit - Jam Comic

WOW! It took me more than a month to finish this 9-panel. I've only been able to squeeze in ten to fifteen minutes on weekdays during my work lunch break and no drawing at all when I'm at home and during the weekends.


My creative endeavors suffered as a consequence.

Anyway, I finally finished it.

Extra Credit: Directed Jam Comic

First, the book instructed to create a 9-panel grid on office paper. But I chose the path of least resistance and downloaded the PDF from the DW-WP website.

Jam Comics was designed as a group effort. I wanted to do it anyway as a challenge to myself.


DW-WP Chapter 1: Homework

This homework is called Drawing In Action where I was asked to draw an original single-panel drawing depicting a number of actions happening either in sequence or simultaneously.

Here is "Ninja".

The drawing should contain:
  • two characters - check!
  • one or more props - a total of 4 shurikens, three ineffectively hurled at the ninja, one dropped as the ninja skewers the villain. There's the moon and finally the silhouette of a pagoda in the background. Not sure if the blood spatter is considered a prop.
  • an action and its result - the ninja dodging the shurikens as he charges toward the villain. The end result is the skewered villain.
  • the reaction of one or both characters shown in facial expressions or bodily gestures - the ninja's determined eyes are still visible. Majority of reactions are displayed via bodily gestures.
Check against dw-wp student samples.

The next activity is for extra credit called Directed Jam Comic. It's more geared towards a group but I'm gonna try it anyway.


DW-WP Chapter 1: Exercise 2

Action Within a Panel is an exercise that takes a look at how to incorporate multiple actions within a single drawing.

I skipped the instructions to draw boxes on three separate sheets of paper. I normally do these exercises at work during my 30-minute lunch break so I prefer to dive into drawing as much as I can. Anyway, my drawings end up in a white bordered box after cropping and uploading them to this blog.


DW-WP Chapter 1: Building Blocks & Exercise 1

Chapter 1 highlights...

1) Author defines "comics" including ones from Will Eisner, Scott McCloud, and David Kunzle. It then goes on to a full page of comics terminology.

2) A cool word I learned was "Emanata" which was made up by Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey). The term refers to sweat beads, motion lines, curlicues and stars that emanate from characters.

3) Author gives encouragement to interested "students" who have little or no drawing experience. The author assures us that comics doesn't necessarily require fancy artwork. What matters most is the ability to convey information.

Case in point: a sample strip of dots talking to each other (dw-wp, page 9).